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Our Solo access poles are at the core of most fire engineer’s kit. The telescopic access poles allow detectors, such as smoke alarms, installed at heights of up to 9 metres to be easily reached and tested. Their use saves time, cost, disruption and risk to safety that ladders, scaffolding or access gear represents.

The value of these access poles over ‘other poles’ is not just the quality of their design and manufacture. It becomes evident when they are required on a daily basis and / or are used at great heights. Pull-wound glass fibre construction provides non conductivity with an optimum strength to weight ratio and high tolerance manufacture ensures minimum possible whip or bend at height relative to weight and cost. This, coupled with the simple locking mechanism of the telescopic sections means that these access poles combine ease of use with design and manufacturing excellence.

The world’s most demanding customers specify Solo Telescopic Access Poles because of the knowledge that every product comes with the highest degree of dependability and durability.

solo 100/101/108 telescopic access pole



The core element of the Solo range is the telescopic and extension access poles which are extremely lightweight and quickly extend to provide access to detectors up to 9 metres. These access poles are suitable for use with both the Solo and Testifire range of detector testing products.

Key features include:

Maximum reach of 9 metres
Available in one, two or four telescopic sections
Light – easy to use at height
Optimum strength-to-weight ratio
Minimum possible whip or bend at height
Simple locking mechanism and easy to use
Pull-wound glass fibre construction
Certified non-conductive – protecting both the engineer and
overhead live equipment from inadvertent shorts

Product code: Solo 100-001 / 101-001 / 108-001

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