aspirating smoke detection (asd) testers


A variety of methods existing for functional ASD testing. None of these are specifically designed for purpose and as a result often provide inconsistent results.

Gaining access to test aspirating smoke detection systems can be disruptive and can also require significant time and cost to arrange and carry out. The Scorpion solution changes this, offering a consistent and reliable method of testing without disruption and the additional time and cost usually associated with testing.

scorp 2011 aspirating smoke
detection system tester


Suitable for:     solo-smoke-detector-tester-testifire-scorpion-aspirating-smoke-detection-systems-asd-singapore

The Scorpion head unit is permanently mounted adjacent to a sampling point on an ASD system pipe – typically at the end of the run. Just one head unit is required for each pipe run – regardless of the number of sampling points.

Hard-to-access smoke detectors are common in most buildings; Scorpion has therefore been adopted across a wide range of sites.

Key features include:

All areas remain accessible & continuously operational,
 eliminates disruption, quicker test period, restricted area
secured, no costly access vehicular necessary
Smoke tailored for functional testing of ASD systems
Adjustable smoke time to suit requirements of system
under test
Suitable for Light Scatter, Particle Counting & Cloud
Chamber technologies
Transport time function allows monitoring of on-going
ASD system performance

Product code: SCORP 2001-001

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