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Any Detector, Any Time. Testifire is the world’s leading all-in-one tester. One tool for testing smoke, heat and CO allows testing of any detector regardless of type.

As an all-in-one tester, Testifire not only delivers on convenience – it is also the leading solution for compliant testing of multi-sensor detectors, which are becoming more and more widespread.

Testifire offers a built-in clearing mode to eliminate repeat alarms and its high heat setting allows for testing of heat sensors up to 100°C.

Productive – Supports faster testing

Compatible – Suits the widest range of detectors

Approved – Certified by UL & detector manufacturer approved

Non-hazardous capsules – easy storage & transportation


Introducing Feature Rich Tool:

TESTIFIRE 1001  Smoke/Heat Test Kit – Test solution for single and multi-sensor detectors.
TESTIFIRE 2001  Smoke/Heat/CO Test Kit – Offers all the features and benefits of the 1000 series – with added ability to test CO detectors.

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